Margo’s Manifesto

The decision to launch this site was made for many reasons. I do like working one on one with my clients, but I was finding it harder and harder to justify my time. There came a point where I could intuit who would do the work to get well, or who was willing to pay a practitioner just to commiserate and reminisce about their health and what indiscretions or injuries brought them to this place of ill health in the first place. I would hand over a beautiful folder filled with great, accessible, easily understood information and know that instead of being used judiciously, it would be scrap paper in the coming weeks.

I decided moving information out there quickly and to as many people as I possible, would be a much more useful time spent. Another ‘venue’ of sorts was needed to run my practice. Welcome to my virtual office. This is much more affordable and really quite rewarding, for both of us.

This site will hopefully inspire you – become the tool you use again and again for your health, your children’s health, and health education.  In the past, practicing general natural medicine, I had an interest in EVERYTHING. Gradually I started narrowing down to ‘generalizing in a speciality’ of sorts. The main event on this site will be women’s health issues, hormones and breast health, and cancer coaching. There will also be some really useful stuff for the men out there – if they are willing to take the challenge. Pediatrics? Always a passion. I want children to be well. And can help you with that.

As you navigate through, you will discover some handy and convenient healthy preserves. Archives of past publications whose subject matter has a huge scope. I will be blogging my own ideas and thoughts weekly. In case you care.  There will be protocols and different health categories including pediatrics, recipes, specialised research, and a restful corner where you can go Zen and take a breathing meditation break with me.

There will be links to some of my favourite sites including , or National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches. We coach patients in all aspects of cancer prevention, cancer healing and life after cancer. Life Extension Foundation is a global authority on health and wellness and a provider of the latest and most up-to-date scientific information on the same. Also, , one of my favourite (mostly) vegetarian sites featuring incredible natural whole food recipes and TONS of brilliant ideas.

I will reference books and give reviews to those I hold in high regard…because why waste your time and money on a book you don’t like? There will also be a comment box for your feedback.

I am a professional and member in good standing with several wonderful boards and organizations in natural medicine. As holistic as I am, I do not, nor have I ever, or ever intend to, sell snake oil. So under no circumstances will you ever see fluff on my site: companies, products and methods that offer AMAZING results in as LITTLE AS 24 HOURS or your money back and HEAR WHAT PEOPLE are SAYING, fluff. You know who I am talking about.

A quick note about cancer coaching: It involves incredibly intricate and specialised protocols. The utmost care is taken to ensure a client gets through the cancer healthy and whole. As cancer coaches, we need to be very cautious with our multifaceted approach.

And so, I am disappointed in some colleagues who promote product neither tried nor true.  In some cases for lots of money, in small little bottles. This is neither good for the environment, your health, or your pocket book.  I mean seriously.

You will however, see recommendations to, and reviews for, wonderful and ethical companies by me, for your interest, whose products and philosophies are above criticism. I do not, nor will I ever, sell product that would dilute the pure intention of passing on great information to you – health links, research, resources – that can serve you well in the future.  Where you go from here is up to you.

Good health is a choice.

My approach to wellness involves body, mind, and spirit and does not fit inside a small bottle with hefty price tags attached. It is a New-tritional approach. We are living in a time of rapid change in every aspect of our lives. These `new realities’ are overwhelming and we are dealing with overload. Instead of naturally preparing or repairing our bodies to be stronger and healthier, we tend to fall back on the quick fix – what is comfortable, and less work  – regardless of the consequences.  Our `over scheduled challenged` selves think – there just isn`t time to do anymore. And our bodies are paying a very high price.

My approach uses intriguing and interesting steps to initiate healthy lifestyle changes in your life.

This site has a very clear goal…definitive, thoughtful, jargon free information – one voice, with many amazing voices behind her. The intent is to help you hear the one voice that is true for you.

So enjoy your visit. I am absolutely thrilled that you are here. Welcome.