This Winter Season

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Flu Season. I am reminded of a landscape filled with trees whose leaves turn gold and then drop off to be replaced with needles filled with the latest and greatest drug cocktail. Flu Season. Where roads are covered by germs? Our air is filled with ‘virus’? A viral time of year.

First of all – no more worry about the flu season. This is not the flu season. That is a term made-up to motivate you into getting the flu shot. This is winter. And we can enjoy it without our focus on the flu. Seriously. We are Canadians. Did we run around throughout winter a number of years ago bemoaning a fifth season called FLU? No we did not. We bundled up. We cozied up. We ate well and talked about ‘the weather’ – admittedly an obsession of ours. But we didn’t hang out in local pubs talking about the flu seasons gone by or gone bad, or the latest flu rage or the latest flu that will do you in. We talked about six feet of snow on the way. We talked about being socked in or the Chinook coming to lighten our moods. Or we talked about the big bright beautiful blue sky in minus 40 helping us to feel good and doesn’t it just ‘feel warmer’ stuff? This Flu Season worry is a no no and definitely not helping your immune system stay strong. I love the saying “worry is like asking for something you DON’T want to happen”.

Education is everything and the second thing on this list. You need to know that I am uncomfortable with the flu shot for children, as are most of my colleagues – for good reason. Not only because any shot is a little like Russian Roulette…how much can our children’s bodies take with so called vaccinations before something goes terribly wrong. An organization that I have been following for years is This longstanding and reputable organization can give you much of the information I am talking about, including clinical studies and ‘real’ science. Are these drugs being tested on children ‘before they come to market’ to see if they are safe? If so, ask yourself, how? Are we putting our children’s health at risk by introducing something that is not tried and true? Please do not rely on the papers and media coverage for this education. There is a wealth of information that says the exact opposite as to the safety and efficacy of the flu shot. Another great resource: I urge you to take an objective gander at what could ultimately change your mind to oppose certain vaccines. Dr. Mercola has updated information on every ‘flu shot’ yearly. I love him. So check his site out.

Why don’t you want your child to get a winter cold? It detoxes their bodies and builds strong immunity. And if you followed natural prevention in the first place…you or your child might whip through winter without a sniffle.
If – after educating yourself you still feel uncomfortable – look at other flu shot options. One being the most obvious – my protocols. And the other would be to homeopathically provide your child with protection along with other natural support. Homeopathic immunization is safe, effective, PAIN free and cost efficient. If you are checking in my area (Calgary), simply enter into a search engine, homeopathy clinics. Most routinely hold information nights. And a quick education link is Health Food stores will also carry the homeopathic antibody to the flu. The one I use and recommend is Boiron Influenzinum 9CH. One dose for five weeks under the tongue and you are done. The 2013 strain is available and if you need further information.

I don’t believe that the protocols I am about to share with you should be ‘the alternatives’…they should be the only thing to do – unless your health is really compromised. In which case I would tell you – STILL follow these protocols. And before you even get to this place of compromise, seek out practitioners who want to work with you to rebuild your health. Even if it is from the ground floor up.
In the meantime – get rid of fear – and use the amazing power of your intuition. Does getting this shot ‘feel’ right? It probably doesn’t. Especially when it is injected into a body part – bypassing your first line of defense – serious enough – and carried into your bloodstream in a toxic brew that would make your toes curl – if you knew what these things could actually do to your child’s, or your body. I hate to say I was right when I wrote about the so called swine flu – but I will say it. I was right. Ok – I don’t actually hate to say it.

Your other Shot of Prevention this Winter

Make a natural hand sanitizer comprised of tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender with aloe vera as the base, or pick one up at a Health Food Store.

Wipe down your cell phone daily. Use wet wipes. The cell now rates as one of the dirtiest tools we use – including fecal bacteria.

Wash your hands with warm water for 15 seconds (water on low and not blasting out) – making sure to get under the nails.

Avoid too much soap. Don’t soap up the tops of yours hands. It is unnecessary to use soap there and destroys essential oils found naturally on our skin which offers a protective barrier to the elements and to germs. And it can damage the skin – which I have seen a lot in my practice.

Drink lots of water and not at mealtime. Water at mealtime makes for sluggish digestion and sluggish digestion makes for compromised immunity.

Echinacea – take daily for prevention 5 days on and two days off. Tincture is best. For onset symptoms, double or triple the dose and take as long as needed. If Echinacea isn’t well tolerated, then royal jelly or mushroom complexes are good. A note about this herb: new research has shown it to actually be a regulator and modulator (as is Vit. C) of our immune system…and not the strong immune booster initially thought. This is good news for people with auto immune issues.

Ginger and elderberry teas – daily. Deep heating teas such as a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, licorice, black pepper, and so on are soothing and tasty. Pick up the ingredients in bulk from a natural foods grocer and mix it up ahead of time.

Fennel and Thyme teas or capsules – very quickly work to break down mucus in the sinuses and lungs.

Charcoal or turmeric capsules for diarrhea. Turmeric should not be used in conjunction with blood thinners.

Peppermint capsules or tea for nausea. Works wonders – but watch the children on this. One will do – very strong. Too much can over stimulate your little one at bedtime. Also make your poop smell like mint. Which would be funny if it didn’t come along with the burning sensation. A sure sign of too much.

Oil of Oregano for adults. A few drops of this on the back of a sore throat are amazing. As prevention – 8 drops a day for five on and two off. Onset – triple up. Too strong? Use in capsules. Or just be brave. For children – put one or two drops (to taste) in soups, stews, casseroles and sauces or in a bit of Manuka honey.

Silver is stronger than antibiotics. As is Oregano Oil. One tsp of colloidal silver every day through duration of winter to early spring has been shown as a useful deterrent to becoming ill. Double up for onset symptoms.
Probiotics doubled up for onset and taken before bed as prevention. This is very important – especially if you are taking Oregano oil.

Acquire the alkaline and acids foods list which is a fabulous tool to helping your body stay alkaline. Get to know them. The less mucus in our bodies – the stronger we are. Orange juice for instance – is a no no. Although any juice should be considered off limits if it hasn’t been squeezed, pressed or blended up by you.

If you have the ‘stuffies’ or an episode of asthma etc…a product called Respir-Actin works wonders. As does sniffs of Eucalyptus oil and Rosemary. Ravensara is also a favorite of mine. Look into Netti Pots also. Article to follow.

Vitamin C power – get aggressive with this one if you are at the start of onset flu. You can do this to bowel tolerance and continue for a few days. If you get ill full on – drop to the daily dose suggested especially if your flu involves diarrhea. No – vitamin C does not cure the cold. What it does do is regulate your immune system.
The following can be added to your daily regime easily and can be used for a general infection alert. (Use half the amount for kids).

* Half a tsp of sodium ascorbate (or other form of vitamin C. (My favorite because it is a rich source of C and not derived from corn, is Camu C.)
* 1 tsp Cod liver oil or veggie alternate omega 3
* 250 mg of natural vitamin E
* 15 mg of zinc (anti-viral)
* 100 mg of alpha lipoic acid
* 100 to 200 mg of magnesium
* 200 mcg of selenium once a day
* fresh garlic with meals (squashing under lemon juice reduces odor)

Exercise. And yes you can.

Eat well. Crap food is crap. And you will end up feeling that way on the crap food diet plan. Sugar lowers your immunity for hours after ingestion. Not a smart move anytime let alone winter.

Body brush daily to keep your lymphatic system moving and strong. Great for the look of our skin as well. Hey a bonus is a bonus.

Warm baths. Less stress. Sleep. Try and get the critical hours in – 10PM and 2AM.

Magnesium for sleep issues. And it is a natural tranquilizer – something I think a lot of us need right now. No the world is not ending…but we all have stress.

Curcumin (turmeric) – something I recommend in my cancer coaching for its very powerful anti oxidant and anti inflammatory makeup. And tripled up – great for pain management and headaches. Avoid this one if you have bleeding issues or take blood thinners. Hot water bottles for chest congestion, cramps, or aching muscles. Wrap it up in a soft thin baby blanket and cuddle up.

Vitamin D3…up to 5000 IU daily. Children should use less. This modulates immune reaction reducing the chance of overreaction and stimulates the body to produce antimicrobial peptides, which are powerful killers of viruses.
Get most of your nutrition from food. Good, wholesome, organic, local food. This is the season for warmth. So warming and heating foods are a must.
Pay attention to super foods such as Spirulina. Spirulina is a variety of fresh water blue-green that has shown to be easily digested with greater nutrient bioavailability. Do practice diligence on this one though…ensure the source is nothing but the highest quality. In addition to many health promoting benefits, this wonderful sea veggie promotes ‘seasonal comfort’ helping our bodies adapt to winter, metal detoxification and radiation protection. I can’t say all I want to say here about this food so to source out more information check out:

Yes – going outside in the winter with wet hair can cause a cold.
Slowing down and ‘chilling out’ is good thing. We build up our reserves in the summer to ease us into the cold months ahead.
Winter is not an excuse to gain weight.

I really hope this helps you get through the so called ‘flu season’ – or through any flu more quickly.
In health as always…and now – go frolic in the snow!

    It’s Only Natural


PS – yes it is true that you can get a cold if you go outside with wet hair in cold weather. If you want to know how…get in touch. Especially if your immune system is already fatigued. Wandering around outside without a jacket is no longer cool. UGG boots never were. Although they are warm.

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