Health is a Choice – my mission(or the purpose of orthomolecular medicine)

The main focus of orthomolecular health support and cancer coaching incorporates the latest breakthroughs in natural medicine for health and longevity. This means providing the tools a client needs to make an informed choice about other options. It means working aggressively in the present with food style changes, lifestyle changes and supplementation – quickly.  Orthomolecular medicine is the practice of preventing disease, and working with onset or reoccurring disease. By providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body, the body can begin to repair and heal itself immediately.

Environmental pollution, micro-organisms and food and other toxicities, are among other factors that must be considered in constructing a health and lifestyle program.

Every person is bio-chemically unique, so individual imbalances and weaknesses are assessed.  During this investigation, ‘complementary’ protocols will be reviewed including the treatments you are involved with now and medicine you may be on – such as insulin, high blood pressure meds or blood thinners. The chemicals in our bodies are built from raw materials we ingest – including what we eat, think and breathe. The more we meet our bodies’ requirements, the stronger cell structures we can build.

Clients may wish guidance in the following areas:

  • Investigating therapies involving cancer treatments and protocols
  • Sorting through conflicting theories in alternative and conventional medicine. This is in relations to a healthy way of life or when involved with pathology treatments
  • Hormonal balancing including PMT, breast health and menopause
  • Convalescence, anxiety or depression
  • Understanding the use and abuse of supplements
  • Understanding the use and abuse of medicines when natural options are available…and so on.

Programs and protocols are designed to restore the body systemically – not just in bits in pieces. These processes can be complex but always take into account a person’s ever changing conditions.

Every single system needs every single system…to be in balance.

Standardization is NOT an option in this field. Not one of us is the same.