Spring time once again!

March 30, 2011

Body cleansing or detoxification …is an age old biological function. Our bodies do this efficiently all by themselves. Through ‘appropriate’ elimination pathways such as skin, kidney, and bowel, our bodies are kept clean and healthy on a daily basis, making seasonal cleansing – twice a year – all that is necessary. But again – only if we are eliminating appropriately. And a lot of us aren’t. And if we aren’t, then we are not ridding our bodies of harmful substances that eventually will affect our health. You know where I am going with this. You have read my stuff for awhile now – you should have some fairly good ideas on maintaining good health. This doesn’t involve dropping into your local Health Food Store every couple of months and grabbing the latest in what I call ‘fashion’ cleanses. One month a kidney cleanse. The next month a liver cleanse. Starting with specialized protocols is a no no unless you are certain – that what you are doing on the potty is indeed the right thing. Here we dump on falsities.
Warning: explicit descriptions that may make some of you uncomfortable.
The Scoop on Poop
When someone says ‘that guy doesn’t even think his ‘poop’ stinks…well – it shouldn’t and they would be right. Your Ideal poop should be medium brown, the color of cardboard. It can be darker if you are taking greens such a wheat-grass daily. It should leave the body easily without straining or discomfort. A very bad habit that people engage in…is sitting on the potty – letting it all hang out, while reading. When a man grabs the newspaper, secures himself in the potty – absolutely oblivious to the explosive gas sounds that are emanating underneath the bathroom door that everyone can hear – it can be funny. But there is a health cost to the comedy. Ideally, you should feel the need to evacuate – then head to the bathroom – do the doo – and be out of the loo within five minutes. Not doing so, can lead to hemorrhoids, and other bowel bothers – some of which can be serious. And which could be avoided if, in addition to a good diet, one just followed this ‘golden rule’…no more reading on the potty. Men are truly king here. “Time to poop or get off the pot’ I believe the old saying goes. I’m really ‘piling’ it on here…but men get hemorrhoids and loud gas more often than women. But women aren’t getting off the hook either. Women tend to ‘constipate’ more.
Moving right along…
Your stool should be 6 to 8 inches long, and fall slowly once it hits the water. There should be little gas or odor. Eliminating one large poop a day with one or two smaller ones is what your aim is. I know I know. But how many of you actually sit around at social gatherings and have frank discussions about your bowel habits? Not a lot of people know this stuff. So bear with me.
Stools that sink quickly indicate two things: not enough water, and not enough fiber – vegetables, whole grains etc. These poops are quite dark indicating they have been sitting around for a prolonged time. Those lazy bowels.
Stools that are pale or gray in color can be caused by poor bile output due to various health concerns. Again – lifestyle changes often correct this. Antacids – wrong on many levels – will also change the color of your poop because they contain aluminum hydroxide. If the poop is shiny or greasy, floats, and is smelly this indicates undigested fats from high fat meals. Lipase is a fat digestive enzyme produced by our pancreas. If we have the needed amount – things are fine. We all have fatty meals occasionally. But if your lipase is drying up – best look at diets that are aggravating the pancreas.  Also – bacterial overgrowth – too much yeast for instance – can interfere with fat absorption. Again – a diet issue. If your diet is clean, healthy, whole, and largely unrefined , and you still display these poops in the potty, get it checked out. Mucus in the stool may indicate inflammation in the intestines and can occur with either diarrhea or constipation.
There is more ‘stuff’ to wade through.
Our livers are continuously making bile. Right now – as you are reading this article – your liver loves you enough to continue trying to keep you strong and well. Bile is bright green. ‘Going green’ does not mean in your bowel movements. This indicates food passing through way faster than is good for you. However, iron supplements, algae and liquid chlorophyll can cause a greenish stool. As can laxatives, antibiotics and other medications. You will know the difference depending on your lifestyle. Pellet stools – I am fairly certain we can forgo the descriptive here – are linked to stress. Yellowish stools are linked to low bile and fast transit time. We have a whole smarty box of colors…red, black and so on. The point is – anything other then what I described as the “ULTIMATE and IDEAL movement’ – speaks volumes about your health. One more thing and I will stop the ‘toilet talk’…it is the one swipe wipe. Really. That is all the “Ultimate One’ should take. Talk about toilet paper savings as well.
I Prefer My Coffee in a Cup
‘Fashion Cleanses’ are not going to – help you in the end. Daily care of and celebration of your beautiful amazing body will.
You want ‘The Number One Bestselling Detox? The recipe for ‘Your Ultimate and Ideal’ movement.
We are complicated systems – and our bodies know what to do with us every single moment of every single day. As long as we do the right things. Exercise, water…room temp, and lots of it.   Probiotics daily. Fermented foods such as kefir and Miso. Organic fruits and veggies – and leave the peels alone! These aren’t jackets that nature wants you to remove.  Simple, whole foods…organic when possible, local if not – and seasonal. And get intimate with your blender. Throw in combinations of lemon juice, apples, carrots, sprouts, fermented hemp or soy powders, probiotics, essential oils, a green powder or wheat grass. A wheatgrass I love and recommend in my Cancer Coaching is from www.dynamicgreens.com . So you blend this all up and there you have it.  Colonics, detox retreats, and coffee enemas all have their place.  But wonderful food styles and life styles which support the love you should have for your body….will keep you healthy.  Truly…the End.

By  Margo Laing, RHN, NCP, OHP 2011

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