Information Maze

January 7, 2011




Sorry…I needed your attention and thought that some fear-mongering would be a good start. Before I go on, I need to ask that you never just use a newspaper or talk radio to get accurate information on health. It just is not there. As I have said before …ask your own questions, educate yourself, research or seek out a health practitioner who can help you through the maze. Because if health is not your field, it can be confusing.

Even for someone with my background, it is daunting. But health articles in newspapers – can only give you a small amount of what you need to know, and only one side.

Let’s do a thought exercise. I’ll wave my magic pinkie finger and summon a couple of the fiendish monsters we encounter in our daily lives.

Poof! Phthalates. (Fith-uh-lates) monster number one appears.

Phthalates, I can’t say that without sounding like Sylvester the Cat. We all remember Sylvester don’t we?

These little trolls harm our kidneys, livers and a growing fetus.

Think about this: how many people do you know in your circles who seem to be having issues with their kidneys? Quite a few I would venture.

Dioxins: Another human made chemical that is pretty much inescapable in any foods now. Ok – get this. Dioxin is in the black stuff that is spat out of industrial smokestacks where it hovers in clouds then rained down onto soil (or our heads if you aren’t standing in a garden and wearing a rain hat).

If it lands on soil, it is absorbed by the plants intended to be harvested for you and me and other organic food sources such as chickens, cows and so on. It gets better. Now we microwave this food in plastics (children are the biggest users of microwaves and plastic containers in schools), you are creating carcinogens with the dioxin in the plastic itself. This stuff, along with phthalates is everywhere right now.

Especially in our kids in which we are growing the future.

Let me give you a sampling of where these are before I give you a few solutions. They are found in baby bottles, rattles and teething toys, plastic crib bumpers, car seats and baby mattresses. Let’s move on. They are in automobile dashboards, carpet backings, cosmetics, notebook covers, clothes, dishes, shower curtains, toilet seats (nothing is sacred), and more. As of this year, there are more than fifty thousand chemical carcinogens. Ten thousand of these alone are involved in food processing and added to our food supply. Revolting when you think about it.

Fluoride is one of my pet peeves. Did you know there is enough in a tube of fluoridated toothpaste to kill a twenty pound child? All of these chemicals put an incredible stress on our bodies. As if we didn’t have enough. It has now been acknowledged these are directly linked to decreased immunity, arthritis, hormone dysfunction, chronic fatigue, depression, ADD and more. It is indisputable.

We have very real science to support this.

A few ideas: Get rid of your synthetic carpets or choose natural fibre wool rugs and carpets. Buy non-toxic paints and make your own household cleansers. Avoid microwaves or use glass to reheat foods. Get your child’s school lunch program to transfer lunches into glassware for heating. Drink water from glass or stainless steel. Heat babies food in stainless steel or glass. Use natural fabric shower curtains and not plastic. The off gassing by the way increases when heated. Read labels and choose whole and local foods.

We can’t completely avoid some of these chemicals…but we can limit our exposure. We control what we eat, what we put on our bodies, what we clean our houses with and how we live our lives.

These days, I am more than concerned. I want to scare you into taking control of ‘your environment’…get the one you deserve to live your life in, and grow your children in, back.

“A labyrinth…. has only one uni-circular path to the centre and then out again. It is a “right brain” task, involving intuition, creativity and imagery.”

You don’t catch ‘symptoms and conditions’. Choose a Labyrinth over a maze. Get where you are going with calm and health and absolute focus. Confusion and ill health….are mostly a choice.

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