I do hope for us all – that this year, 2011 is a year of wonder.

I hope for movement forward, more strides toward natural medicine and a few more away from relying only on the outdated modalities of mainstream medicine…

Am I being obvious if I say never get your health information from just the newspaper? Or the 15 second spot on the TV news they manage to slip in before a commercial appears to convince us to buy some junk we can’t live without. I hope I’m being obvious.

Dig deeper.

Do your research.

Ask your Health Practitioner questions. Be unrelenting with gaining your own knowledge. It is your body. These are your choices.

Be responsible. Empower yourself to get on with the getting on…and be well. Make that commitment to yourself. Too many people don’t recognise the treasure they live in. I see it all the time.

Check out an article I wrote on ‘Shifting Through the Information Maze.’

I have also posted more – lighter fare, a piece on Cleaning out Your Living Room…not the one you think I mean…and most importantly, take a look at ‘The Flaws in New Year’s Resolutions’ .

My site will continue to build, and I hope become a source of much of that health information I am speaking about. Please continue to come back and check out updates.

I hope all is well with you in the coming year…2011.

You all know what to do. So do it.

With love,


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